How to Get IPL Tickets 2024?

Securing tickets for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 is a thrilling adventure for cricket enthusiasts eager to witness the spectacle of their favorite teams battling it out in one of the world’s most celebrated cricket tournaments. The IPL not only captivates a massive audience in India but also draws international fans, making the competition for tickets fierce. To navigate this competitive process and ensure you’re among the cheering crowd, follow this detailed guide on how to get your hands on IPL tickets for the 2024 season.

Step 1: Stay Updated

Official IPL Website and Social Media: The IPL’s official website is your primary source of accurate and up-to-date information on ticket sales. Bookmark the site and visit it regularly as the season approaches. Similarly, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are invaluable resources. The IPL and the participating teams frequently post updates about ticket sales, including dates, prices, and any special promotions. Engaging with these platforms can give you a head start in the ticket-purchasing race.

Cricket Boards and Teams’ Social Media: Each team in the IPL has a passionate fan base and an active online presence. By following the official accounts of your favorite teams, you’re likely to come across exclusive ticketing information, contests, or even fan meet-ups. These platforms can also be a great way to connect with other fans, share excitement, and get insider tips on securing tickets.

Step 2: Know the Ticket Vendors

Identifying and familiarizing yourself with the official ticketing partners well before the tickets go on sale is crucial. Websites such as BookMyShow,, TicketGenie, and Paytm have historically been the primary vendors for IPL tickets. Visit these websites in advance, create accounts, and ensure your login credentials are saved and easily accessible. This preparation can significantly streamline the purchasing process, allowing you to secure tickets swiftly once they’re available.

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Step 3: Early Bird Gets the Worm

Pre-Registration: Some platforms offer the option to pre-register for IPL tickets, granting you early access or notifications when the tickets go live. This can be a game-changer, providing you with a precious lead ahead of the general public.

Priority Booking: Leverage any existing memberships or subscriptions you have, such as credit cards or digital wallets, which often collaborate with ticket vendors to offer priority booking to their users. These partnerships can offer you a valuable window to purchase tickets before they become available to the wider audience.

Step 4: Choose Your Matches Wisely

Home Games vs. Away Games: Tickets for the home games of iconic teams like the Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, or Kolkata Knight Riders can be exceptionally hard to come by due to their massive fan bases. Consider aiming for away games, which might offer a better chance of securing a seat.

Weekday Matches: Demand for weekend matches skyrockets due to the convenience for most fans. If your schedule permits, targeting weekday matches could prove to be a strategic move, as these tickets tend to be more readily available and sometimes even cheaper.

Step 5: Be Prepared

Set Reminders: The moment ticket sale dates are announced, mark your calendar and set multiple reminders. Being online right when the sales open maximizes your chances of getting your desired seats.

Have Payment Information Ready: To avoid any delays during the checkout process, pre-save your payment information on the ticket vendor’s website. This foresight can make all the difference in those crucial moments when every second counts.

Act Fast: The window for purchasing IPL tickets can close quickly due to high demand. Decide on your preferred seats in advance, and once the sales are live, proceed to checkout as swiftly as possible to secure your tickets.

Step 6: Consider Hospitality Packages

For those seeking an elevated experience or faced with sold-out standard tickets, hospitality packages can be an excellent alternative. These packages often include not just premium seating but also gourmet food and beverages, exclusive access areas, and sometimes even opportunities to meet the players. While more costly, the comprehensive experience they offer can make the investment worthwhile.

Step 7: Check for Resales

Missed out on the initial sales? Don’t lose hope. Reputable platforms and fan forums sometimes offer ticket resales. Exercise caution and ensure you’re dealing with legitimate sources to avoid scams. Remember, purchasing from unofficial vendors carries risks, so it’s essential to perform due diligence.

Final Thoughts

Securing IPL tickets is a competitive process that requires diligence, quick action, and sometimes a bit of luck. By following these detailed steps, you can enhance your chances of being part of the electrifying atmosphere of an IPL match. The experience of joining tens of thousands of fans, the roar of the crowd, and the live action on the field is unparalleled and well worth the effort. So gear up, follow this guide, and prepare to immerse yourself in the unforgettable adventure that is the IPL.

How can I find out when IPL 2024 tickets go on sale?

Stay updated by regularly checking the IPL’s official website and following the IPL and your favorite teams on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These sources often announce ticket sale dates, prices, and other relevant information.

Where can I buy IPL 2024 tickets?

IPL tickets are typically sold through official ticketing partners such as BookMyShow,, TicketGenie, and Paytm. Make sure to create accounts on these platforms beforehand to streamline the purchasing process.

Is there a way to get early access to IPL tickets?

Yes, some ticketing platforms offer pre-registration for IPL tickets, giving you early access or notifications when tickets go on sale. Additionally, priority booking might be available through credit card companies or mobile wallets.

Are tickets for weekday matches easier to get?

Yes, tickets for weekday matches tend to be more readily available and sometimes cheaper than those for weekend matches due to lower demand.

What should I do if the match I want to attend is sold out?

Consider looking for hospitality packages that offer a premium experience, including better seating and additional perks. You can also check reputable platforms and forums for ticket resales, but be cautious of scams.

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